“Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.”

The GVDP provides enhanced freedom for individuals potentially at risk - allowing families and carers peace of mind.

A tool personalised for you with compassion at its heart and technology in its veins.

There when you can't be

The GVDP is a library for your loved one’s medical history and critical information.

Using advanced technology, you’ll gain the peace of mind that whoever interacts with your children, parents, partner, or friend will have the right information to make the best decisions possible.

The GVDP allows users to upload documents, images, and video content – making more information available to first responders. This information can be shared with some services and hidden from others – allowing users complete control of who sees or does not see any given disclosure.

We understand you

The GVDP’s founders have a genuine understanding of how living with disability can impact a family.

What drives us every day is the desire for every one of us to experience the freedom, safety and autonomy to reach our full potential. No one should have to live with the worry that their loved one could become another statistic.

The GVDP allows family members to see where their loved ones are and set alarms based on location. Has little Donna left the school grounds? Your geo-fencing function will let you know, as well as any other family member approved to see. Has Grandma not returned to her home by 5pm? We can send an alert out to the family on our internal system.

Bridging the gap

When your child or parent is in the care of someone else - whether that be an aged care, group home setting or at school - how can you ensure their needs are known to those caring for them?

Information sharing is the key. You have the power to update and manage information as you learn more or things change. The GVDP lets you restore the balance to your life, knowing that your loved ones are in safe and informed hands.

If things go wrong and your loved one goes missing, an alarm can be set off to alert law enforcement with push notifications. In the case that a registered officer is near to your loved one’s beacon, they will receive a push notification showing details of what to do and who to call.

Peace of mind and your partner in family safety.

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