Connecting people in times of need

Life, in your hands.

Connecting people in times of need

Life, in your hands.

The Global Voluntary Disclosure Project uses advanced technology and accurate communication to enhance lives worldwide

Whether you’re an individual, parent, carer or first responder, the GVDP is the key to safer and informed outcomes. You are in control.

Real-time, in the field access to crucial information

Providing safer, more effective interactions, in your language, anywhere in the world.


The GVDP gives vulnerable people and their loved ones a safer, more effective way to communicate their needs in challenging situations, providing a new sense of freedom and the chance to be seen, heard, and understood.

Parent & Guardian

For parents, carers, and families of vulnerable individuals, the GVDP provides reassurance by eliminating the fear of the unknown – bringing peace of mind and a new partner in safety.

First Responder

As a globally recognised information sharing tool, the GVDP allows first responders to make informed decisions in moments where every second counts.


For organisations, the GVDP is an easily-integrated solution that provides the visibility you need to minimise risk, manage organisational permissions, and access reporting on a local, state, or worldwide scale.​

“I believe that voluntary disclosure is a human right. The future demands that all vulnerable citizens be treated equally and with respect. Technology opens a door for a non-verbal communication platform benefiting all citizens.”

Communication on your terms


When your data is safe, you can feel secure.​

Advanced Technology

We use technology to enhance the human experience.


You are in control of what you share, who can see it, and how it is managed.

The Global Voluntary Disclosure Project is the result of almost a decade of research, training, and learning in the real world.

The GVDP was created by parents to disabled children and educators of Law Enforcement. The GVDP comes from a place of recognition and authenticity.

Designed to address the real needs of the vulnerable and disabled, the GVDP is the most powerful, real-time advocate for people in emergency situations.

The system is built in collaboration with disabled and vulnerable individuals, advocates, representative bodies, first responders, parents, disability support workers, the LGBTIQ+ community and many more.

Representation from 15 countries and cultural backgrounds were consulted to create a system with the functionality that these communities need. The GVDP, however, is by no means complete. As we grow and learn the system will grow with the functions that communities need, first responders want and the changing times demand.

The GVDP is your partner in safety, traveling with you wherever you go, ready to support and speak when it really matters.

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