What is the GVDP and how does it work?

The GVDP is an online database that allows users to electronically declare their individual needs.

It is the only system of its kind and the only place where you, as a user, are able to curate your information for use in emergency situations.

The GVDP provides real-time,in the field access to crucial information - ensuring safer, more effective interactions. Above all, the GVDP provides a new sense of freedom for vulnerable people and their loved ones.

The GVDP works using Bluetooth technology and some of the most secure online database technology in the world.

Whether you choose to use one of our customised beacons, with or without the symbol or use your mobile device as the beacon, the sight of the GVDP logo will alert first responders to learn more about you.

This allows you to be the guide of what is learned about you, what is important and what should be known before a situation is entered into.

Key features include:

Beacon features

The benefit of the symbol on a beacon, especially if you’re loved one is at high risk of absconding or dangerous situations, is that even if the technology fails, the symbol will uphold and declare they require assistance for their safety.

Beacons range upwards of 30M (98ft) making search and rescue efforts timely and effective

Can be worn on a shoe, backpack, belt, wheelchair, stitched inside clothing as examples

Multiple beacons can be registered to one individual

Battery life of 18 months

The beacons are device agnostic. This means if you have an iPhone or an Android, our system is available to you.

The system works using two mobile applications:

The GVDP User App:

A new safety net for the entire family

The User App is how you communicate with the online system, as well as your family and friends.

The GVDP User App allows sharing of your profile with others in your group. You can Geo Track family and friends or send out alerts in times of emergency. Of course, you can control who can see information on yourself or those under your care.

In fact, most information in the system can be hidden or exposed as you choose. You can upload disclosures, de-escalation strategies, triggers and much more. Audio, Video and other files can be uploaded to help in emergency situations giving peace of mind and support when it is needed. The GVDP User App is your partner in family safety.

The First Responders App: Getting you data at the right place and time

The GVDP First Responders App reads your Beacon or mobile device and delivers information in the field, in real time.

It recognises your control decisions and shows only the approved information to the First Responder. This app has no user controls or options, just read access to your disclosures.

In times where every second counts, the First Responders App instantly provides qualified information on your needs or vulnerabilities and delivers strategies to understand and manage them.

The GVDP First Responders app is the key to a safe contact when you most need it.

Easy integration

Whether it’s an aged care setting, early childhood education centre, hospital or a childcare facility - the GVDP is an easily integrated tool that acts as the one source of truth for those who need it.

When reliable and current information is on hand, individual security is enhanced. The GVDP provides this data securely to support both your clients and business.

Voluntary disclosure

What you choose to disclose is completely up to you, and only first responders with secure access can view your information.

Some disclosures you may want to reveal only to some services, like the paramedics. The GVDP has a full control matrix that allows users to show or not show each disclosure. You are in control.

Connecting people, saving lives

The GVDP is designed to be an innovative solution to drive social change through empowerment, safety, and technology.

The information gathered through the system will support change through demonstrable facts and statistics – supporting our community’s future needs by lobbying government and private enterprise.

Without Borders

The role of The GVDP is to provide a platform for citizens to communicate their medical needs in emergencies, in clinics and globally - without borders.

Whether you’re heading to a new country with a different language, separated from loved one due to the pandemic or switching medical settings, The GVDP allows you to share relevant information with the right people, with ease.

Built on the state of the art Microsoft Azure platform, the GVDP enjoys better than Bank level security with global reach. Your system will work anywhere on earth.


We believe that personal data should be kept personal. It should only ever be shared voluntarily and kept in the safest hands.

When your data is safe, you can feel secure and the GVDP works with only the safest platforms. From our solutions being hosted on the ultra secure Microsoft Azure platform, through to independently audited and managed internal systems, the GVDP holds your data security to the highest standard.