Board of Directors

The GVDP leadership includes members of the disability and vulnerable community. The board members and the management leadership team, bring together their expertize, networks, and personal journeys to advocate and pioneer for change.

The Board is responsible for overseeing the performance and operations of the Company. The Board’s overriding objective is to safely and sustainably increase shareholder value within a business framework which protects shareholders’ interests. The Board seeks to ensure that management implements sound strategies and develops an integrated framework of risk management and control.

Kathrine Peereboom

Chair & Vice President of Strategy

For the past decade, Kathrine Peereboom has been a leader, speaker, advocate and proactive parent in the disability and vulnerable community sector.

As mother to three profoundly disabled children, Kathrine recognised early on that the world can be a lonely and unsafe place for the differently abled. She found that the understanding of disability outside of the specific condition or disorder is virtually non-existent.

This motivated Kathrine to begin researching interactions between first responders and the autism community and very quickly she identified there was a significant education and knowledge gap between first responders, the general public, and the disability community.

The Sales and Marketing executive of 25 years went on to develop and deploy Australia’s first Autism and First Responder training program. To date, Kathrine has volunteered her time for free to travel the country and train many thousands of officers across Australia.

Kathrine’s work has been honored with numerous awards including:

NSW Police Commissioners Award in 2019
Gold Coast Woman of the Year Awards (Angels Among Us Category) 2020
Woman of the Year Government or Non Profit (Silver)
Most Innovative Woman of the Year (Gold)
Female Entrepreneur of the Year in Asia, Australia and New Zealand (Gold)
Female Innovator of the Year, Government or Non Profit (Gold)

In 2020 Kathrine began the development of the Global Voluntary Disclosure Project. An ambitious project tasked to protect all with vulnerabilities and disabilities through technology. Using advanced networking and online resources, the GVDP is designed to be a borderless voice and advocate, regardless of language or ethnicity. This important new technology will touch millions of lives bringing security through communication of needs, medical status, vaccination, and many more metrics.

The GVDP is an important step forward in the daily management of the health and wellbeing of citizens around the world and Kathrine is proud to offer this powerful system.

Stephen Peereboom

Vice President of Operations

Stephen Peereboom has been an executive director and entrepreneur for three decades, working in some of Australasia’s largest companies. His career has seen him hold management positions in Australia, Singapore, China, Europe, and the Middle East over his 30 years in business.

Stephen is an experienced team leader with highly developed skills in Manufacturing, Logistics, IT, and Strategy. He has led many companies through reform, restructure and success acting as a key part of the leadership team and a visionary of the future.

In 2008 Stephen began working on his first hybrid Management/IT development project as a Business Systems Specialist. In this role, he actively developed a working Enterprise Resource Planning application managing a 100 million dollars of inventory.

The project afforded him valuable experience in software development, issue tracking and many other skills needed to create and test a complex application in the real world.

Moving on to 2020, Stephen took on the challenge again as the technical lead for the development of the GVDP, Global Voluntary Disclosure Project.

The development of the GVDP was a challenging and rewarding undertaking. Working with remote teams across the planet as well as cutting-edge technology and infrastructure, the GVDP is the first of its kind anywhere on earth.

Stephen is proud to be Co-Founder and Vice President of Operations for the Global Voluntary Disclosure Project. He is excited about this powerful new system and to be part of the team that will deliver it to the world.

Sean Cookson

Board Member & Business Advisor

Sean has worked in various industries and markets throughout his career; including financial and information services, corporate communications, education, advertising, recruitment, and digital media – in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. During this time, he held senior sales, strategy, business development, and marketing roles in corporations including NASDAQ and Thomson Reuters as well as large government agencies. He’s also helped build a number of successful start-ups along the way.

Sean has a unique range of strategic leadership skills, building and leading multidisciplinary teams across regions, and has also been instrumental in developing and executing business strategies within new start-up tech businesses through to large government agencies. He brings a unique, personable style to whatever he does, all founded on building long-term relationships and a genuine desire to help people and organizations do great work.

He says his professional career partly boils down to having been in the right place at the right time. He’s been fortunate enough to work with the best people in their respective professions, absorbing as much as possible along the way.

Rina Minkou

Director of Policy & Board Member

Rina comes to the GVDP with decades of experience in senior management and Board roles in the community services sector and in State Government. Her experience was primarily based in disability services, high risk adolescents, homelessness and domestic violence services.

The basis of these roles included cross-sectorial organizational management and service redevelopment. On a departmental level, Rina has experience in policy, strategy, planning governance, and partnerships.

Stephen Riley

Board Member

Stephen has a passion for developing businesses and creating sustainable growth strategies. He currently holds Executive and Director positions in a number of organisations ranging from small privately held companies, to large benevolent institutions, determined to strive for a purpose beyond just turning a profit. A less than traditional career trajectory (cleaning snooker tables, ice hockey mascot…) has led him to work in a number of fields and industries, leading to the understanding that business models and processes at the core remain analogous, though highly malleable, when the right design strategy is applied.

Stephen thrives on helping businesses understand and implement shifts in behaviour and processes towards positive growth. He observes and understands the traditional path, and then works on finding a better way.

Stephen focuses on making change through leadership practices, strategic planning and execution, innovation, financial improvement, business modelling, and process design. Stephen is driven to deliver targets that are meaningful to a business while watching the performance and profitability of the teams around him grow.