“Even the simplest tools can empower people to do great things.”

Customisable software

Designed to be device agnostic, the GVDP system can integrate with most software solutions - virtually eliminating barriers of language, platform, or location.

The GVDP Enterprise Portal will provide businesses the ability to enrol large numbers of participants in a single upload.

Enrol your student body, aged care client list, or government social welfare clients with a convenient and quick interface.

Easily integrated information sharing to help your organization save lives and thrive.

Minimise risk

A duty of care is heavy burden for any business and reliable tools are critical. The GVDP can greatly assist in both staff and client management, with visibility that is customizable.

The GVDP allows enterprises real time data to maximise visibility for those in your care with an overarching support structure to back up your business.

Connecting people, saving lives

The GVDP is designed to be an innovative solution to drive social change through empowerment, safety, and technology.

The information gathered through the system will support change through demonstrable facts and statistics – supporting our community’s future needs by lobbying government and private enterprise.


Enterprise AD

Enterprise CC