“For the planet to evolve, the hearts and minds of every individual must be free to come together in a way where everyone is truly seen, heard, and understood.”

On your terms

Using the GVDP to voluntarily share your data and critical information allows you to live a life free of miscommunications and misunderstandings.

This isn’t about being micromanaged by technology – it’s a tool to use on your terms, to benefit you, your family, and those who may need to help you when it matters most.

The GVDP app will allow you to upload your critical information, manage your account, connect with friends and family and, most importantly, ensure all your information is up to date. It’s your system that you are in control of.

Be seen, heard, and understood

The future will be brighter, more fun, and safer with the GVDP

Traveling to work, a date or concert? Attending school, the shopping mall, or using public transport? Getting out there can now be done with confidence. The GVDP is there to support you in the community whether your trying new things for the first time or your daily routine.

The GVDP connects families and friends that you approve and choose within the app, always letting them know that all is well.
It links with first responders in times of emergency, ensuring that any contact is informed and personalized.

The GVDP is your support network and your voice, no matter where you are and allows you to advocate for yourself in that moment.

One source of truth

Behavior triggers, de-escalation strategies, medical or disability declarations are all available for you to tell your story.

When first responders have access to this essential information, the best decisions can be made for your safety.

The GVDP is managed by the user and can be updated instantly. Dyed your hair? No problem. Had a COVID vaccination? Updates are easy.


We believe that personal data should be kept personal. It should only ever be shared voluntarily and kept in the safest hands.

When your data is safe, you can feel secure and the GVDP works with only the safest platforms. From our solutions being hosted on the ultra secure Microsoft Azure platform, through to independently audited and managed internal systems, the GVDP holds your data security to the highest standard.

Voluntary disclosure

What you choose to disclose is completely up to you, and only first responders with secure access can view your information.

Some disclosures you may want to reveal only to some services, like the paramedics. The GVDP has a full control matrix that allows users to show or not show each disclosure. You are in control.

The Individual Advocate

The Individual Advocate AD

The Individual Advocate CC