First Responder

Information is the key. The more that is known about a contact, before going into it, the safer the outcome for everyone.

For any first responder to do their job at the highest level, accurate and timely information is crucial. The GVDP is the only global tool designed to enhance the vital work first responders do and ensure miscommunication is never an issue.

When you have confidence to go into every challenge well-equipped, everyone benefits.

The GVDP was developed in co-operation with police, fire, ambulance, and other emergency workers as well as representatives of many disability and advocacy groups. This shared knowledge and input has shaped the GVDP into the important and powerful system that it is today.

De Escalation

Field units are too often under resourced and time poor. The GVDP allows personnel live intel to approach every situation with the background they need, breaking down barriers for accurate situational awareness.

Bluetooth beacons with a range of up to 30m (98.43ft) have been developed to ensure that scanning can be done from a safe distance, equipping first responders with critical intel on the situation about to unfold. The quote that we heard over and over from years of training law enforcement and in our development stage was, “more information makes for a safer contact.”

The very words we live by.

Disclosure - ahead of time

When you know what you’re going into ahead of time, you can make the best decisions when every second counts.

Whether it’s knowing that someone in the community is triggered by loud sirens or that they have a hidden disability – the GVDP allows you to use information to increase positive outcomes.

The GVDP provides both information and tools to deploy in the field. Videos of loved ones to calm a situation, de-escalation instructions, and emergency contacts are just some of the features included. All designed to assist with a safe, informed, and more personalised contact.

Any situation

Information about whether someone is rendered mute, incapacitated, unconscious, or just simply speaks another language can be viewed easily and at a safe distance, using the GVDP First Responder App.

Securely open the First Responders App to scan and show preview images of the nearby participants. On selecting a profile image, all key information and strategies are there for your review, leaving you to assess and plan your contact as needed.

First Responder

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